Crazy Fun Ideas

sexytime-yasmin-2Every people face boredom in their life because of too much work pressure, and monotonous daily life. This can make you glum and may even result in insomnia. So you need to chill take a break for a day or two and enjoy life. If you are longing for fun you are probably at the right place for some crazy ideas that can give tremendous motion to your stagnant life.

Life is meaningless without friends, and you can’t enjoy life on your own. So give a call to some of your best pals and be ready to do something wild. Play strip poker. This is an excellent way to shake off all that has been holding you. Feel free and enjoy life to the fullest. You can also get some male strippers Brisbane to enliven your day. They are professional in turning a day into a wild and crazy party that gives you utmost satisfaction. For guys you can grab some beers and enjoy the serving of topless waitresses Brisbane. Feel the same old college days again with your best friends when you kept on staring at the boobs of girls. Reminiscence of the past will kick away all your boredom and you are sure to feel young and enthusiastic. If you want something crazier try swinging or maybe even a threesome.

If you are the one man woman or one woman man type don’t worry. You can also do crazy things without hurting each other’s feelings.  A make out in a public place, can be adventurous. Have sex on a beach or a public park in the dark with your spouse and both of you would remember the day for the rest of your life. You can also bring sex toys into play. They are an absolute stress buster.


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